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Alexander Supertramp

April 5, 2012 by mrmasten · 19 Comments · Uncategorized

“To symbolize the complete severance from his previous life, he even adopted a new name.  No longer would he answer to Chris McCandless; he was now Alexander Supertramp, master of his own destiny” (p. 23).  Why did Chris change his name?  Why do you think he chose the name “Alexander Supertramp”?  Also, explain how Alexander is putting transcendentalist beliefs into action.

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  • misspinks31

    I think Chris changed his name because he wanted a new start with his life. He wanted to begin a new life and forget about his past and change his old identification. I think he chose the name Alexander because of Alexander the Great. He was more attracted to do independent things than needing help from others. Supertramper was more like living on your own wherever you were located at. Striving to live foranother day. THe transcendentalist beliefs where based upon what he did. It was related to his life stories, he believed in strong writers.

    • Jonathan Yazzie

      I agree with you, he did want a new start in his life. He didn’t want to keep the life he was in before he began his adventure. I like how you describe why you think he chose Alexander for his adopted name. I never thought of it that way.

    • Bryan Jose

      I Totally Agree With You On Everything You Said.

  • Baani88

    Well I think the reason why Chris McCandless changed his name to Alexander Supertramp was because when he was a different person when he was Chris McCandless. Before Chris changed his name he was a different person. But now that he is Alexander Supertramp he can be who he wants to be, he can go wherever he wants to go. He doesn’t have to worry about things. He would just to be with nature. Its like when he was Chris McCandless he was someone’s property. He had to be perfect I guess, like his family. Alex thinks that he can be very independent, he could get anywhere and go anywhere on his own. He gave away his college fund; he wanted to be out on his own exploring nature and being like a free person in nature.

    • D $h@y

      What was or the porpuse of him giving up on his old life? Why did he even concider living in the wild?

  • Jonathan Yazzie

    Chris changed his name because he felt like he was living in his parents’ shadow. They tried giving him a new car and wanted to pay for law school. He didn’t want anything from them because he knew what they doing, trying to buy his respect. I think he chose the name “Alexander Supertramp” because he didn’t want to be found by anybody, so he picked a name that sounded goofy. In the “Into The Wild”, he says, “I think I’m going to disappear for awhile” which gave me an idea on why he picked “Alexander Supertramp as his adopted name.

  • alexander34

    Why I think Chris McCandless changed his name to “Alexander Supertramp” is because he wanted to start fresh with a new name. He didn’t want to be the same old Chris McCandless he wanted to be the master of his own destiny, so he created the name “Alexander Supertramp”. I don’t know why he wanted to be call Alexander or maybe because of Alexander The Great, but the “Supertramp” part is like he wanted to be like a real hobo that does the work nobody want to do for money, and pick up and go whenever you feel like it. How Alexander Supertramp is putting his transcendentalist beliefs into action is by going to Alaska living by himself in nature.

  • Esa Chica

    I think he change his name so no one can find him he wanted to be alone an be way from everything his family and the world. he maybe wanted to be someone. Aex wanted to not to be part of the world he wanted to do something different that the world never. he wanted Alexander maybe because he likes that name,

  • Martino

    i believe that Chris had changed his name in order to get away from things. He may not have wanted his parents to find him so he hid his identity. Chris believed in many things and i think he liked books and stuff so he may have took the first name out of a book he read and the same with the last or the combination of both to mean some sort of thing that discribed him or he might have just liked it. His belief’s i believe are that a person can survive on there own and need nobody to do so. He was very independent and stubborn in my point of view.

  • alfred74

    i think thaty chris changed his name to alex to get away from society, because he doesnt anybody to go looking for him or where he might be. the name he chose seems kind of weird but it tells that he wants to live free, no money or anthing .

    • Martino

      I think he changed his name for that too, but what if it was all a cover up to get away from someone that was looking to harm him? Think about it he used a fake name and got rid of all his belongings, ditched his car possibly to get rid of any connections same as he did with most other things. It was a nice story tho i liked it.

  • amber22

    I think Chris changed his name to Alexander Supertramp because he wanted to hide his identity from his family and people who knew him. It seems like he wanted to start new experiences and add more memorable memories into his life, he also, wanted to explore nature. So I personally think he started it off by changing his former name to Alexander Supertramp.
    Alex probably changed his name to “Alexander Supertramp” because there is a hero named Alexander The Great and he may be got the first name from him because of his heroic actions. And I really can’t say about his last name because I have never heard of the name “Supertramp” but it maybe had to do something with nature.
    Alexander is putting transcendentalist beliefs into action by leaving society and experience nature. He also wants to be self-reliant.

  • desiree10

    I think Chris changed his name to defiantly change his identity. He ran away from his family and went missing so obviously couldn’t keep on using his real name. But he did change his name to something with a little background meaning to it, like Alex was for Alexander the great, he was an inspiration to him. Super tramp was like being a tramp that live on the streets and eat of the trash can. He wasn’t going to be a hobo, its just he wanted a new life something different because he had everything and a college education he just wanted to be free and be the boss of himself conquer life the way he wanted too

  • kllowe10

    Most likely the reason Chris changed his name is probably because he felt that in this new life that he started to set for himself he needed to have no strings attached to his old life. So I believe that meant changing his name and finally being able to go somewhere he wanted to go. I believe he wanted no attachments to his old life and so that means his name was dead to him. I believe he used the Alexander Supertramp because he believed he was the best super tramp out there that no one could beat him at that. I also believe he chose that name because he was or wanted to think of himself as a hero to others that he was someone to look up to. Alex is putting belief into real life by actual dropping what every, he was doing and did what he has always wanted to do. You see as soon as he graduated from college he just went ahead and left without no regrets or anything to hold him back he just left and set in his great and epic journey.

  • D $h@y18

    Chris McCandless changed his name because he wanted a whole new way of creating a new life for him self. To prove my thought in pg 22 “he was unencumbered, emancipated from the stifling world of his parents and peers, a world of abstraction and security and material excess, a world which he felt grievously cut off from the raw throb of existence.” This statement from the book showed that he craved a life of adventure. I think he chose the name Alexander Supertramp because if he stuck with his origenal name his family and friends would be able to find him easily. Alexander Supertramp was just the name and the beginning of his new life. Alex is putting transcendentalist beliefs into action by make a dream of his into reality. His going into the wild with out a clue of the dangers that await him. Before a person goes hunting or camping they are aware of the animals out there that are dangerous and maybe counsidered posion. With Alex he’s got nothing, it’s like if he came upon a posion animal he would take a chance of dying a slow and painful death.

    • Baani88

      I agree with you on this post. About when he changes his name to Alexander Supertramp and how he starts his new life, also the friends he has made as Alexander Supertramp they will remember him as Alex in his new life out in the wild.

  • Bryan Jose

    I think Chris McCandless changed his name because he had started a new life or journey & wanted to change his life. Along with the change he also wanted to change his name. He probably used his imagination to create the name Alexander Supertramp. He maybe got Alexander from Alexander The Great because he probably wanted to be known as a great person too on his journey? The transcendentalists were based on his thoughts & ideas. He used their ways & knowledge & he believed in strong writers.

  • Brent Kee

    Chris might have changed his name because I think it would be better for everyone to change their name to what we want. Our parents or whoever takes care of use try so hard to make us into something like we are clumps of clay. Yes we learn the basics about life but like Chris we should choose our fate and destiny our way of life and thinking on our own. I would like to change my name and lifestyle one day one that fits and suits my needs to feel useful in this world. I think he choose the name Alexander Super tramp because it’s a name that gives you the feeling that this person has done something great. And the personality of Chris I think that’s all he wanted was to be an explore for both the mind and world.

  • terrington86514

    Christopher Johnson McCandless changed his name because he was stared a new adventure with his own way of living. Not being demanded of his parent’s expectation and having to same fame, money, and higher class of living. Chirst “symbolize the complete severance from his previous life; he even adopted a new name.” He was going to call himself Alexander Supertramp with own destiny on his own.

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