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A Raisin in the Sun: Theme

June 10, 2012 by mrmasten · 15 Comments · A Raisin in the Sun

See the definition of “theme.”  What are some themes found in A Raisin in the Sun?  Use details from the text to support your answer.

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  • misspinks31

    The movie ”A Raisin in the Sun” has a theme of considering the needs of others before making a decision. Beneatha wants to become a doctor to help people who are physically and mentally sick. She doesn’t get much support from Walter her brother, who just blows her part of the money by loaning it to Willy Harris and Bobo to invest. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen because Willy Harris takes off with all the money from Walter also Beneatha’s school money. After that all the drama of the day, they know they’ve been through alot but the family is all they got plus the new home. The Younger’s family is what they hold onto and accept what they got and live life on even through struggles in the future. They still have hope……

  • Baani88

    The movie “A Raisin in the Sun” has a theme. An I think that theme is like thinking about stuff before you actually do them. “A Raisin in the Sun” has a lot of drama in the Younger’s family. But they overcome all of the bad things; they even have to accept some of them. The Younger’s struggled a lot, and they had to forgive each other, something like that. The characters in the movie tell a lot about how they are. Like Walter Lee in this movie he wanted to have a liquor license and have his own business, sometimes when you dream or imagine to hard your dreams maybe crushed, like Walter Lee and lose everything. Mama is a character in this movie that is like, a very aggressive, a little mean but mostly a nice sweet person. An Mama got the insurance money which she put to good use! She bought a real house for her family to live in. the Younger’s were also not going to give that new house up for Mr. Lingers offer. The Younger’s were going to move into that house, they really didn’t care if nothing but white folks lived in that neighborhood. The Younger’s were like protesting that every person should have the right, everyone should be equal. Even though they have gone through a lot of ups and down, they shouldn’t forget to still have hope and faith.

  • terrington86514

    The movie, “A Raisin in the Sun” has lots of themes like supportive in the beginning Ruth having to do with the morning routines by getting her son up for school to get an education, and her husband up for work to get some money for the food and supplies they live off from survival. The other would be struggle because the family lived in the old apartment for many years being so cluttered in with having a baby on the way. It causes a problem with Walter having to look at his son not having his own room of space where he can his own privacy that could make Walter feel a little less of a man. The love would be a big theme in this story because it would make the family stronger like Beneatha said, “sticks and stone may break my bone and names or words will never hurt me.”

  • amber22

    In the play and movie “The Raisin in the Sun” it has many themes. There is one when Ruth finds out that she is pregnant and wants to get an abortion.

    And one great example would be when they are the only colored people, who are going to be moving to a white and wealthy neighborhood. When the white and wealthy people hear about the Youngers’ moving to there neighborhood they call a meeting where they say they don’t want them to move into their new house and offering money to them so they won’t move in.

    Another is when Walter gives Willy the whole amount that mama gave to Walter. Which he was suppose to put Beneatha $3,000 in a savings account for her school.

  • kllowe10

    In the play “A Raisin in the Sun” the theme is rather a rollercoaster of both ups and downs, its one of such that is made of such trouble. An example would be that Walters big mistake and how he lost so much money just to satisfy his own wants and needs, how he was so selfish and not even thinking of any one else then him self. Yet one thing kept happening on that one day that in some way when Walter had finally sank down to being almost nothing that he would have token the money Mr. Linder had offered. When he was about to accept the money, he finally relized he had something left in him that he wasn’t going to give up which was his pride. This play made me realized that money is not the only happiness in the world, that even through your lowest moment in life you still have your faith, your pride and others that still love you; and that you is all that you need in that moment.

  • desiree10

    I think a theme of “A Raisin in the Sun” is to stick by your family no matter how hard things are because things only get bad before they get better. Just like in the story Mama tells Benetha to love Walter not hate him for his wrong doings because they are family, you have to love your family through thick and thin, health or sickness, or rich or poor especially if when they hit rock bottom because that’s the only way they’ll get back up and try find the better and hopefully with lessons learned. They need family and love not more people making it hard for them.

  • amber22

    In the play and movie “The Raisin in the Sun” it has many themes. One theme is that people should stand-up for what they believe in. One great example would be when they are the only colored people, who are going to be moving to a white and wealthy neighborhood. When the white and wealthy people hear about the Youngers’ moving to there neighborhood they call a meeting where they say they don’t want them to move into their new house and offering money to them so they won’t move in. Then Walter hesitated to take the offer but he realized that money ain’t going to buy them happiness. So Walter decided to keep the house that mama has bought for them.

    Another is to becareful of who you trust. When Walter gives Willy the whole amount that mama gave to Walter. Which he was suppose to put Beneatha’s $3,000 in a savings account for her school but Walter was being selfish thinking that investing a liquor store would help them with their finicial problems. And at the end he regreted what he had done with the money because the money was gone and he isn’t goin to get it back.

  • Martino

    I think the theme to the movie “A Raisin in the Sun” was that family is most important when it comes to anything. They are there no matter what even if there is no money. In the movie the family is going outr of it and are arguieng till the money comes then things calm only to be stirred and shake even more then before. Walter gets the money only to be jacked by his business partner but us still welcomed by the family.

  • alfred74

    The book “Raisin In The Sun” has many themes but he main one is money which the family who are struggelin in society. they been arguing to each other from the start. till the money comes in it changes all the characters in a way they wernt themselves. such as the attitudes changes in all of them(not finished)

  • Jonathan Yazzie

    I think the theme to “A Raisin in the Sun” is coming to love your family through good and bad times. Mama bought a house with $3,500 and gave Walter $6,500 which was the remaining of the money. She gave him the money because she trusts him. She trusted him enough to pay for Beneatha’s school and save what money is left over in a bank account. Instead of doing what mama told him, Walter gives the money to his business partner, Willy Harris, who he seemed to trust at the moment, for investing it to the liquor store business. After Walter finds out Willy has stole the money, he confesses to Mama, Beneatha, and Ruth what he done with the money. Beneatha ends up hating her brother for what he done. Mama tells Beneatha, “No matter what he did or has become, he’s still your brother. This is a time when he needs you the most”. Loving your family through hard times is what I learned from Mama.

  • Esa Chica

    In the play “Raisin In The sun” is about african american the Younger family live in a small aprtment. They all struggel with money and they all have different thing to dill with. When Mama recives the money everyone changes. Mama wants Walter to be the head of the family so she gives the money to Walter an tells him he need to start thinking about the family and watch out for them. but when he loses the money everyone falls apart. But when walter steps up an says they are keeping the house everyone comes back together as a happy family.

  • nate wood

    ”Raisin In The Sun” well what i think there is alot of themes in this stroy & moive the themes are LOVE FOR YOUR FAMILY,DISCRIMINATION ,DREAMS .In the story a welcome committee wants to buy the house from them when they find out a black family was moveing into their neighborhood .It also says thatwalter wants to open a liquor store so he can provide for his family and that beneatha wants to go to school to become a doctor

  • Brent Kee

    A theme I can think of for A Raisin in the Sun is love your family no matter how bad things go. Walter’s mind was in the right set but not the right idea wanting to support his family with liquor sales. He trusted a risky person named Willie Harris. He gave all the money to Willie hoping the liquor businesses would take off. Willie ran off with all the money and left Walter in deep trouble with his family. Even though things got so bad Mama the head of the house hold forgave his only son. I think Mama thought it was pointless to be upset and mad about a mistake that Walter made. Forgiveness is also another theme A Raisin in the Sun shows.

  • Donest Shay

    In the book of “A Raisin in the Sun” the themes are different. There are some happy moments, sad monents, regretful moments.
    The theme i’d like to consider is the regretful moments. Walter has invest in his so call future bussiness. Not only his share of the “Check” but also his sister Beneatha.
    Having to figure out that Beneatha’s share was gone has Mama furious against her own son. Mama thought maybe if he had some responsibilities then he’d become a man, but instead he lost his respects from his mama and his sister Beneatha.
    Having to lost what they once had is noe lost, but not everything. They still had each other as a family. Having to expereinse that knowing that money can make you lose sight of what you really have. Something much more then dollar signs. Love and Family.

  • deanna33

    In the movie and book of “A raisin in the sun” the theme i see is a family going through hardships with poverty. Their emotions are also all mixed up between happy, sad, loving, caring moments. And that the money was kind of spliting them all apart because they all had their own opinions on what an where the money was going or who was getting and what it should be used for. The theme i would like to touch base on is the Poverty theme because through out the whole book and movie they are trying to over come this situation and just when things are starting to get better they turn out wrong and it just may lead them back to square one where they started from.

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